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A cooperative and interdependent family will not usually come into being if a parent centers most of his or her attention on individual kids when part or all of the family is together. A collection of people being herded in the same direction will not prosper and grow into the powerful family it could be.

You may get surprising results if you apply the following professional group work approach to your family life. It often yields parents and children who help one another and look out for one another throughout the rest of life. This kind of family enables individual members to function and grow far stronger than in the usual home setting.
While the majority of the city’s residents are cleaning, we should not allow a few to pollute the city, Mr. Tulatu Yeene said that strict action will be taken based on laws and regulations against individuals, organizations and institutions who carelessly pollute the city.

He also emphasized that all sections of the society should play their part with a sense of ownership so that the encouraging activities being carried out by the city administration in making our city Addis Ababa clean, beautiful and comfortable for its residents continue.

Addis Ababa City ‘I will clean my city; “I will make cleanliness a culture” for the next 3 months.

Addis Ababa City General Manager in his capacity as Deputy Mayor, Ato Tolatu Yeene said when he launched the cleaning campaign, he said that in order for cleanliness to become a culture of the city, all sections of the society should shoulder their responsibilities equally.
Think of the coach of a football team. He must focus on how the various members of the team relate to one another, work together, carry out the plays, etc. Whereas the quarterback coach is concerned with very different things: an individual’s performance and morale.

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