62 years of amazing love for the couple on Sunday at EBS

The term “Christian Ethiopian art” therefore refers to a body of material evidence produced over a long period of time. It is a broad definition of spaces and artworks with an Orthodox Christian character that encompasses churches and their decorations as well as illuminated manuscripts and a range of objects (crosses, chalices, patens, icons, etc.) which were used for the liturgy (public worship), for learning, or which simply expressed the religious beliefs of their owners. We can infer that from the thirteenth century onwards works of art were for the most part produced by members of the Ethiopian clergy.

Sometimes people and couples may feel unhappy, dissatisfied, and unfulfilled in their marriages or relationships but not know exactly what is wrong. The following four areas of closeness can aid a couple in evaluating the state of their relationship and can also help a couple learn how to improve their relationship when problems emerge or they have grown apart. Spending time together as a couple is crucial. Couples may find themselves having very little time for one another due to busy schedules, numerous obligations, and caring for children. Regularly spending time together, going out to eat, watching movies, strolling, swimming, participating in sports, exercising, sharing hobbies, and taking vacations can all help couples get closer and have more time to chat and, as a result, get to know one another better. Physical intimacy between a couple is crucial. To do this, you can make eye contact, hold hands, give a hug, sit close together, or massage one another. A couple’s sense of intimacy and closeness will increase with more possibilities for physical contact. Couples should be aware that some people are more at ease with physical display than others, so it’s crucial to attempt to gauge how at ease or not your spouse or partner is before making any decisions. Couples that are emotionally close to one another will be better able to comprehend one another and have empathy for one another. Being honest with one another about our emotions, thoughts, beliefs, values, goals, worries, fears, dreams, and aspirations is a requirement. When both parties listen intently to learn more about and understand their spouse or partner, as opposed to disagreeing, judging, blaming, or criticizing them, attentive listening strengthens emotional bonds.

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