Artificial wombs of laboratory babies are shockingly bad

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However, the coming of the major international Convention on children’s rights in 1989 i.e. CRC and its ratification shows government’s dedication in order to implement the rights of children listed in the Convention (Gran and Bryant, 2011:4). The Convention is a comprehensive document consisting 54 Articles of which 42 deals with civil, political, social, economic and cultural rights of children. These articles enhance the protection of children, their participation in the societies in which they live, and provision of services and care. The others (articles 43-54) indicate what states and the UN supposed to do in order to make sure these rights are available to children (Gran and Bryant, 2011: 4 & Webb, 2014:1-2). Thus, the Convention not only outlines the rights of children, but also those who are entrusted for the protection of these rights or implementation of the Convention.

However, states are the primary responsible body for the protection of children. So that, they are expected to set up and implement child protection system that ensure non-discriminatory access to all children under their jurisdiction in line with their international obligations

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