10 people with amazing creativity and inspiration

When it comes to inspirational people, history has a plethora of extraordinary names to offer. From the worlds of science, religion, philosophy and politics, narrowing them down to ten is no mean feat. We’ve delved into the history books and done our best. Here, in our humble opinion, are the most inspirational people of all time…

A name taught about in every science class the world over, Sir Isaac Newton is undoubtedly one of the most inspirational people to have ever lived. Accomplished in the fields of mathematics, theology, physics and astronomy, his radical thinking resulted in ground-breaking revelations and caused waves among the contemporary science community that would have effects for every generation after.

Most famously, his discovery of gravity laid a base for all modern sciences, but he was also the first person to calculate the speed of sound and made great strides in the study of light. Inspirational? We think so.
Luther, arguably one of the most important names of the 20th century, fundamentally underpinned the mass movement of equal rights and inspired an entire generation to rethink racial equality. Born in Atlanta in 1929 and growing up under strict US segregation laws, he was inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s non-violent activism to lead the Civil Rights Movement, eventually ending institutional segregation across the country and picking up a Nobel Peace Prize and Presidential Medal of Freedom on the way.

The third Monday in January is now celebrated as Martin Luther King Jr. day across the country in memory of his incredible life and works. Need we say more?

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