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A wedding is almost always a huge affair, but when it comes to Ethiopian weddings, the magnitude of importance increases exponentially.
A wedding is a moment of a lifetime that should be treasured forever hence it should go as smoothly as is practically possible.

Ethiopian wedding tradition and culture is one of the richest in the African continent and has mostly remained unblemished over the years.
It mainly consists of perceiving that the other takes you into account and puts you ahead of many things. They choose you every day and under any circumstances. This undoubtedly builds a solid bond through which trust and security flow and which allows advancing in happiness and balance.
To love is to prioritize what you loved above most things. This is why it’s important to perceive this preference on a daily basis. Note that it isn’t the same as that blind and even dangerous obsession in which you neglect yourself to focus exclusively on your loved one.

Ethiopian weddings are a vibrant affair, thanks to the rich Ethiopia wedding traditions. Even though some couples are choosing to have modern weddings, most still incorporate traditional customs in their Ethiopian wedding ceremonies.

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