Yalemwork Jembru dominated the stage with her unique music

Let me transport you with my pen to a place located at the back most of Buska mountain, where the amazing culture of our Hamer brother and sisters is found with its own implication. The Hamers are the most trustworthy and cordial people to their neighbours as much friendly they are to each other. Thinking about them will create a great sense of amusement especially when someone is reading about their culture or watching them physically dancing evangadi or jumping over a cattle, they could stimulate all to join them and partake in any of their activities.

This piece tries to shed light on their marriage ceremony and the steps and events that accompanies it. First and foremost the groom’s father will inform his son to be ready for marriage after he found out a preferred daughter of his intimate friend or a girl from other known family in the surrounding. By the way fathers are not the only matchmakers. Boys too have the chance to declare their dream object as a would-be wife. After they got the permission of their fathers,such boys,getting prepared ahead of time, will see to the marriage ceremonial process entailing different stages.

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