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Artist Haymanot Girma spoke about her past life

People are moving to the city for higher wages and better educational opportunities at increasing rates.11 Emigration overseas is also generally viewed positively as it is understood that such individuals contribute to Ethiopia by supporting households and communities back home.
During the Timket festival celebration in Gondar, more than 120 priests performed religious songs and hymns of Yared. It is stated that Menbere-Mengest Medhane-Alem Church is the host of this year’s Epiphany ceremony in the City.

Guests attending the festivity expressed their gratitude to the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church for maintaining the Epiphany values. Appreciating the work being done to accommodate the guests, the Chief Administrator of Amhara Region, Yilkal Kefale, in his remarks at the festival, emphasized the importance of extensive work in the hotel and hospitality to accommodate guests in the next events.

The customs of Ethiopia continue to be deeply rooted in centuries of practice, and many aspects of daily life are ritualised. For example, there is a correct and traditional way to serve coffee, fold a dress, cut chicken and greet people.
The Chief Administrator praised the youth of the City for their contribution in collaboration with the Church and the government for the colorful celebration of the Timket festival in line with its religious values. On his part, the Deputy Mayor of Gondar City, Zewdu Malede, invited the guests who came to the festival to visit historical sites, ancient monasteries, churches, and palaces in the city.
Ethiopian culture is often unable to be neatly categorised. It shares similarities with some Arab or Mediterranean cultures, although these descriptors also do not fit.

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