The wonderful marriage proposal

On the eve of Timket, known as Ketera, priests and deacons wearing colourful robes and crowns participate in the festive processions. The priests pray throughout the long night and Kedase is concluded at around 2:00 a.m. People in masses camp out, singing church music, eating and drinking sitting around fires and torches. Christian followers attend an early afternoon mass service.

Nothing is worse than an artificial marriage proposal. Even if you are a man of few words, speak from the heart and dig deep to find the words to express what she means to you, as corny as it may seem. In the end, this is a marriage! If there was ever a chance, now would be it to say something heartfelt and win her over. Make eye contact with her and take her hands in yours when you’re speaking to her. When you’re anxious, I don’t care if your palms start to perspire; believe me, she won’t either. Recall how you two first met and how you were affected by her.

Followed by the actual Timket day the Tabots are carried by priests over their heads, where the Ceremony begins by the divine worship celebrated near the body of water early in the morning. After which the water is blessed and sprinkled on the followers. Many choose to submerse themselves into the holly water, thus emblematically renewing their baptism.

After the baptism the Tabots of each church return to their respective churches accompanied by a well dressed (Usually white cloths) and singing mass of people. in Ethiopia people wear their best cloths on Timket day. There is also an Amharic saying

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