The Prime Minister is going to appear ,The church issued a statement on the brutal murder of the priest

Top state leader, Abiy Ahmed is supposed to give reactions and explanations to questions sent by Agents of the House, sources said. Ethiopian Insider said here today that the Head would show up in the House on Tuesday, 28 Walk 2023 to respond to questions raised by MPs. The source said that Agents of the Place of People groups presented their inquiries, which are to be sent to the Chief, last week-closes.

Delegates of the House were educated to present their inquiries while they were going to a preparation which was hung on 18 Walk 2023. A mysterious source let Ethiopian Insider know that MPs were advised to present their inquiries at the earliest opportunity. This equivalent source said that the time given for the accommodation was short. They were worried that they ought to require some investment to set themselves up for the inquiries to be coordinated to the chief. “They permitted us to have another day and we should submit until late last Sunday,” the source said.

Numerous Delegates of the House were not permitted to present their inquiries after the terminating date of the last final proposal, he said.

House Systems and Individuals’ Set of rules express that any MP who needs to advance composed questions ought to submit them to the Place of Speaker ten days to come. The Speaker can acknowledge or dismiss the inquiries, the Code demonstrates.

A Delegate of the House let Ethiopian Insider know that the Speaker of the House would sit with boss government delegates to go through every one of the inquiries and distinguish the suitable ones to be sent to the Head.

Issues on average cost for many everyday items, excepting entryways of Addis Ababa against residents coming from Amhara District can be among the inquiries the Chief will manage tomorrow, as indicated by Ethiopian Insider.

In the mean time, four MPs let Ethiopian Insider know that they have not yet gotten requires Tuesday’s gathering until the night of last Sunday. MPs whose questions are chosen will get calls nearly 48 hours in front of the gathering, as per the news source.

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