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The popular actress is going to be married at Mekedonia

The popular actress Beemnet Mulugeta is going to be married soon at Mekedonia home for the eldely.

Mekedonia Home for the Old and Intellectually Debilitated is an association centered around assisting the existences of the old and those with mental handicaps, by offering all essential types of assistance (food, garments, cover, cleanliness offices, clinical, instructive and others) to the occupants in the middle.

Mekedonia Good cause Homes is building a 12 story working for the projects it is running in the Ethiopian Capital Addis Ababa

Ethiopian Entertainer, Eshetu Meles, is driving a pledge drive mission to help Mekedonia Good cause Homes, and he has been extremely effective at it.

The Crowdfunding lobby in progress on GoFundMe figured out how to raise above and beyond $1.6 million bucks in barely 24 hours.

At this composition, a sum of 15,000 givers contributed and how much cash gathered has arrived at U.S. $1,663,620. The objective is to raise US$ 2 million.

The asset is planned to spend toward the culmination of the primary beneficent nursing home office for seniors and simple-minded individuals in the country.

In particular, the cash will fund windows and entryways of the new structure that Mekedonia Good cause Homes is building.

As indicated by sources, the new structure needs 888 entryways and 739 windows. The expense of a solitary entryway is supposed to be 106,000 Ethiopian Birr (about $US 2000) and a window will cost 80,000 Ethiopian birr each. The office is a 12-story constructing that is being based on 3,600 square meters of land. The assessed cost of finishing is 2.3 billion Ethiopian Birr.

Notwithstanding the GoFundMe stage, the mission is tolerating gifts through Banks in Ethiopia and a nearby crowdfunding stage, WegenFund.

The Mekedonia Homes is a native non-administrative and non-benefit association with a connection to no elements – legislative etc. It was laid out in January 2010 by Benyam Belete, an Ethiopian who used to live in the US.

The association upholds the old and simple-minded by giving them food, haven and attire. It has branches beyond the capital Addis Ababa.

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