I once lived on the street / my mother was a police / Pastor Binyaam on Alela show

Another contention arose recently after a protestant gathering guaranteed right to coordinate strict occasion at the Meskel Square in the capital Addis Ababa.

Adanech Abiebie, city Chairman and a protestant unwavering as well, purportedly offered a politically seasoned comments saying Meskel square was worked with citizens cash from the occupants of Addis Ababa.

Part of the way her comments was viewed as an endeavor with respect to Top state leader Abiy Ahmed’s administration to redirect public outrage based on what is supposed to be the most recent and the most risky slip-ups of State leader Abiy Ahmed which the arrival of TPLF war crooks and revolutionary ethnic Oromo extremist who is ensnared in the slaughter of many honest lives.

The Ethiopian Standard Church is said to have a record demonstrating possession directly over Meskel Square ( or Meskel Square). It used to be claimed by an unwavering person who gave it to the Ethiopian Church before a multi decade prior.

pasot Binyam addressed Yegna Television station with respect to the most recent contention. Watch interview underneath to see what he needed to say.

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