What did Halima say about the second chance she was given again from the hospital?

Halima Abdurahman is a well-known Ethiopian artist.

The title of “best vocal artist” is highly subjective and can vary depending on personal preferences and criteria. Ethiopia has a rich tradition of music, and there have been many exceptional vocal artists in various genres. A few notable Ethiopian vocalists known for their distinctive and powerful voices include:

  1. Tilahun Gessesse – Often referred to as the “Voice of Ethiopia,” he is considered one of the greatest Ethiopian vocalists of all time and was known for his emotional and versatile singing.
  2. Aster Aweke – A prominent Ethiopian singer with a soulful and melodious voice, she has achieved international recognition.
  3. Mahmoud Ahmed – A legendary Ethiopian singer known for his unique vocal style and contributions to Ethiopian music.
  4. Gigi – An innovative artist known for her fusion of traditional Ethiopian music with contemporary styles.
  5. Alemayehu Eshete – A prominent Ethiopian vocalist and a key figure in the development of Ethiopian pop music.

It’s important to note that music is a highly personal and subjective experience, and people may have different opinions on who the “best” vocal artist is. These are just a few of the notable vocalists in Ethiopia, and there are many more talented singers in the country’s rich musical landscape.

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